Risk Assessments & Gap Analyses

Companies often face a battle between two competing forces when it comes to compliance: the efforts to comply with the law and the cost and effort associated with accomplishing those efforts. This is ultimately a risk-reward decision, and our counsel can make you the best prepared when it comes time to make those decisions, both as your company forms and as it continues in its operations.

Risk Assessments

Our first step is to assess the risks facing your company from all angles. Whether regulatory or third-party based, whether compelled through fine, decree or potential judgment, we will provide you a full risk profile to review as part of your compliance program. We’ll then have a dialogue with your key stakeholders, identifying the benchmarks appropriate to your company to mitigate those risks given your risk tolerance.

Gap Analayses

Once we assess the risks facing your company and identify the benchmarks relevant for your company to meet, we will then assess your actual operations against these benchmarks, identifying any gaps that exist between practice and theory. We’ll then make recommendations to your operations and structure to ensure that these gaps are permanently filled, ensuring that your prior shortfalls don’t come back to haunt you again.

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