Litigation & Outside Counsel Management

Litigation isn’t inevitable, and it is certainly avoidable. However, when other legal defensive measures can’t prevent you from being sued, we’re prepared to take the gloves off and go to battle for you as necessary.

Dispute Analysis

To some people with hammers, everything is a nail. However, litigious people cannot properly run companies, and sometimes a dispute is best left alone. When a dispute arises, Life Law Partners can assist with objective analysis of the matter, researching the legal viability of a claim you may (or frankly may not) have. And even if you do have a claim, we can assist you in resolving it early and quickly, saving the time and expense associated with litigating a matter.


Yet if litigation is on the horizon, we’re here to defend you. When a lawsuit arises, it is often in your best interest to have local counsel handle your matter, using their knowledge of the local courts and procedures to your advantage. Life Law Partners can assist by managing trial counsel (each trial-counsel decision is made on a case-by-case basis), touching upon our experience with mediations, arbitrations, civil actions, derivative actions and class actions.

Trial Advocacy

When practical, we’ll help you ourselves with the handling of discovery, witness preparation, evidence collection and case presentation. For more information on the litigation advocacy we provide (especially with our California-based companies), visit our Dispute Resolution & Litigation page.

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