Labor & Employment

It’s a great day when your company is big enough to need help from employees and staff, and there is nothing quite like the satisfaction in being able to provide others a living while helping grow your company. Hiring staff unrolls a comically long list of legal requirements, but we’re here to assist you to get your HR system up and running without delay.


We’re a law firm, not a box manufacturer. Although other firms and consultants may offer you HR-in-a-box, what they’re really doing is reselling you their previous client’s HR system with the company names find-and-replaced out. Instead, we put a unique bow on every HR package we provide, making sure it matches the needs for your business, not our last client’s. From handbooks to onboarding, from employee records to policies and procedures, we’ve have you covered exactly as you need it. Many factors go into planning an HR program (employee headcount, field, location, finances), so we’ll be sure to get the full picture from you first before tying up your package with a bow to match.

Ongoing Compliance

Labor laws change quickly, and with these laws taking shape on the local-government level, that leaves you with a federal government, fifty states, 3,000 counties and about 25,000 municipalities to worry about. We monitor these laws where you operate to ensure you’re always operating above the board, and if a change in the law affects your operations, we’re there to make any operational transition seamless for you.

Company Realignments

Moving or closing operations is a major step in a business’s lifecycle, yet these decisions become necessary in the right situation. Life Law Partners can assist by going through all the necessary mechanics and legal requirements with you, including necessary legal notices, exit interviews and managing any severance agreements entered into as part of the layoff procedure.

Dispute Resolution

Sometimes employees don’t leave on the best of terms, and this type of separation can breed disputes. Life Law Partners can assist by first ensuring that your HR program and the decisions made under it are defensible through recordkeeping, disciplinary reviews and termination procedures and, if necessary, we’re available to defend against legal actions brought by a government agency or an former employee.

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