Financial Matters

A company’s finances receives the attention of many other fine professionals (your CPA and your auditor, for example), and the old saying goes that if lawyers were good at math, they’d be doctors instead. We actually take mild offense at that sentiment, and we’re damn proud of our ability to crunch numbers (read: work with Excel). Sometimes financial matters enter the legal realm where only attorneys can advise upon, and we’re here to help when those matters arise, numeric keypad and all.

Tax Credits

Politicians often try to steer public-policy initiatives through the tax code, offering special incentives to the pet project du jour. With our background and experience in public-policy research and advocacy, we can help promote and identify special incentives for your particular business, including investment tax credits (such as solar-energy investment), limited-term tax credits and industry or locale-specific tax credits (such as R&D programs or opportunity zones). This permits you to maximize your tax advantage, sometimes with little or no adjustment to your operations.

CPA Support

Oftentimes, legal decisions come down to an all-else-equal scenario where the legal status of your company is the same regardless of which tax consideration you make with your CPA. In these situations, our job is to present you and your CPA with the legal options available to you and to act upon your CPA’s learned advice to you. Ever the team player, we’ll provide this assistance in a way that maximizes your options while minimizing your overhead on professionals.

Audit Support

For companies subject to audits or reviews, we also assist as needed, within the confines of our ethical obligations to you (namely our duty of confidentially above all other perils). When requested by you and in furtherance of an audit or capital raising, we’ll provide your auditors support and correspondence, including legal confirmations or assistance with their comfort letters to others.

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