Compliance & Regulatory

With certain industries carrying increased risk to the public and with some industries forging cutting-edge paths through technology and the economy, the law regulates some businesses more closely than others (and sometimes more slowly to catch up than others). With our background in life-science compliance, we are able to apply that mindset of active compliance to other regulated industries, keeping you above the board with your operations.

Specialized Compliance Issues

Industries face their unique form of regulation or self-regulation, each with their own parlance, culture and intended endgame. Life Law Partners can assist by apprising you of the specific regulations that may affect you in your line of business and formulating a compliance plan and program to keep you operate properly. We can provide internal and external investigations to ensure your compliance program is strong, and offer you best practices from other fields that will give you a competitive advantage over other companies struggling to keep above the board.

Reporting Requirements

When required, Life Law Partners can assist you with necessary reporting to government agencies or trade groups or watchdog associations. Oftentimes, compliance comes with regular or on-demand reporting, and we’ll provide you with a background on these requirements and a process to produce necessary reports as a seamless part of your operations.

Public Policy Review & Analysis

Our assistance to you is backboned by our experience in life-science compliance and our public-policy background. Having been on the regulating side of the equation, we can parse through legislation and regulations quickly and efficiently, giving you guidance that relevant to you. Life Law Partners can assist by keeping you apprised in changes to these laws, providing you an avenue to interface with the government or media if prudent as well.

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