Dispute Resolution & Litigation

To all our clients, even those without a business to operate, we provide experienced litigation counsel to ward off and resolve disputes.

Dispute Analysis

When a dispute arises, Life Law Partners can assist with objective analysis of the matter, researching the legal viability of a claim you may (or frankly may not) have. This process includes a review of the facts, as you understand them, research of the facts with available evidence and information and, ultimately, an assessment of potential causes of action you might have (or be facing), analyzing the facts against the applicable law. Even if you do have a claim, we can assist you in resolving it early and quickly, saving the time and expense associated with litigating a matter.

Small-Claims Matters

If a claim is below a certain threshold, the issue may be resolved as a small-claims matter. Although attorneys are not permitted in the courtroom for a small-claims matter, we can nonetheless prepare the documentation for you and provide you counsel at each step along the wall, figuratively holding your hand through each step of the process as much as our physical presence is permitted.


Mediation involves an attempt to resolve a matter before a neutral, nonbinding third-party. We have extensive experience in mediation and often find it helpful in having entrenched parties find a solution they didn’t think was possible. Life Law Partners can assist with preparing our clients for the mediation session and attending the session along with them, preparing all necessary paperwork and mediation briefs ahead of time to lay a proper foundation for our clients’ perspective.


Arbitration involves private litigating a matter through an arbitrator (as opposed to a sitting judge) due to some legal requirement or an agreement to arbitrate in the underlying binding agreement. Like litigation, we can prepare your arbitration claim and present your case on your behalf, utilizing the relaxed procedures and environment of arbitration to our clients’ advantage. If we receive a favorable award, we will then confirm your award in the relevant court, as permitted, ensuring your achievement has the same effect as a court-ordered judgment.


When the gloves come off, we’re here to fight for your cause. Through litigation, we prepare your legal claim or defense to the maximum extent of the law, using artful pleadings and law and motion advocacy to your advantage. Setting up a proper foundation for litigation, even before discovery and trial advocacy, is critical to achieving success down the road, and it often helps the parties achieve resolution before costs and expenses run high.


Discovery, or the formal process for exchanging evidence in a legal matter, is where parties spend the vast majority of their time and expense in litigation. With every case, we formulate a custom discovery plan relevant for the facts and causes of action, utilizing our available discovery toolbox to your advantage, including through document demands, interrogatories, requests for admissions, subpoenas and deposition taking and defense. A strong discovery plan weeds out the truth from the fog of litigation, setting our clients up for success before a judge or jury.

Trial Advocacy

If unresolved early, we’ll press your matter to final resolution, including through witness preparation, evidence collection and case presentation in court.

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