This holiday season, I took some time off between December 24 and January 3 to unwind and have a little fun. One of my hobbies is tweaking or entirely re-vamping my blogs. Currently, I only have two going: this one, and my personal blog at

This new iteration of the Life Law Partners website was my first foray into a new WordPress theme, Avada. It’s a very user-friendly and versatile platform and I highly recommend it.

One challenge I’ve always had with law firm websites is images. If you’re anything like me, your eyes glaze over after the umpteenth photo of a stuffed shirt, gavel, Scales of Justice, or—my favourite—Lawyer As Super Hero!

What, then, best illustrates a “Corporate and Business Law” practice? Pictures of buildings are popular, as are people shaking hands and images of well-coifed Very Smiling People sitting around conference tables talking about what could only be Very Important Matters.

What about a “Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance” practice? Well, here we can go a little nuts! Cartoons of prisoners in stripes! Money passing under a table is always a crowd-pleaser! Compasses; gavels; handcuffs. Gavels AND handcuffs!

After a couple of days of scanning through mind-numbingly boring images, it was time to resort to my mom’s Infamous Expat Eggnog for inspiration.

My mom, by the way, is an amazing photographer. I spent much of my childhood schlepping behind her through third-world countries that were enduring varying degrees of peace (and not), a variety of Nikons slung around my neck. My grown-up imagination sees me looking for all the world like a deranged Dennis Hopper in Apocolypse Now.

My mom and these schlepps took me to some really cool places and sometimes some hairy situations: fall of Saigon; coups in Ghana and Liberia; student bombings in Bangkok; two evacs from Zaïre (although that was as an adult and involved only one camera and an interesting ride across the Zaïre river).

As a result of this upbringing, I maintain a fondness for photography and the people with talent enough to do it well. Me, I’m a good schlepper, so I try to support independent photographers where I can, rather than imposing my efforts on the world.

Why not just go with that?

Our new website is the result.

We were a tad hesitant to go with something that was non-traditional lawyerly, so we asked some of our clients to test drive the site for us. The feedback was consistently and enthusiastically positive, the general consensus: you’re a different kind of law firm; why have a commonplace website?

We would love to hear your comments, too!