Fee Programs

Our fee arrangements range from mild to wild. We’re looking to grow with you, not break your bank, and our engagement agreements reflect that.

The Mild: Hourly Arrangements

Like all law firms, our most straightforward representation is an hourly engagement where we do work for you, track that time, and bill you monthly against a retainer deposit. It’s about as vanilla as it gets.

The Not-So-Mild: Recurring Retainer Arrangements

If you need more regular contact, we’ve got you covered. These arrangements give you either unlimited hours or a preset monthly number of hours (and for some plans, unused hours roll over to the next month). If we have to go over the preset allotment, we offer you a discount on our standard hourly rate. These plans provide you consistency in your legal expenses with unfettered access to our legal team.

The Wild: LLP’s Deferred Fees Program

For companies, especially startups, that need legal partners, we offer a Deferred Fees Program that blends fees with equity to back-load the financial impact on your company. The particulars of this will vary from company to company, impacted by factors like cash flow, capital structure, and your operational plan. With a blend of equity and cash fees to cover our initial overhead and involvement, we quite literally mean what we say when we want to grow with you.

The Very Wild: Off-the-Wall Arrangements

These plans are so wild because they don’t even exist yet. We view our engagement as a partnership and a negotiation. If you have something in mind that’s never been done before, we’re all ears. As long as the plan is mutually beneficial, we’re willing to get to work for you.

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