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Who we are

Life Law Partners counsels business clients, from formation through growth.

We love what we do, and so do our clients.

We are value-driven, offering flexible billing models customized to your goals and budget. You need an issue resolved, and you expect quality work product at a fair price; we want you as a long-term client. It’s as simple as that.

We are small and versatile. Your legal and business issues aren’t static, and neither should your legal team be. We collaborate deeply and frequently with talented and smart people, calling on them as you need them, so you don’t pay for on-the-job training.

We get that “it depends” doesn’t work in your real world. We’ve been in your in-house shoes, so we know that you need practical solutions and answers.


What we do

We help you manage risk. Risk is inevitable, whether you’re a wee start-up or a global giant. Finding that risk and managing it without emptying your coffers is where we shine. We conduct comprehensive risk assessments with a keen eye on where you are in the business life cycle, so you get a clear roadmap to risk mitigation based on the degree of risk, short-, mid-, and long-term goals, and available budgets.

Common sense legal and business advice. Your business isn’t abstract; it’s full of people, sweat equity, and visions for a sustainable future. Our counsel doesn’t just put out today’s fire; we go wide to prepare your business and your people for what lies further down the road.

We staff according to your needs, not ours. We’re small and nimble, and we have a Rolodex (remember those?!) of really smart, talented people who like working with us for our clients. This means you don’t pay for a junior lawyer to learn on your dime.

Business & corporate

Risk assessment & management

Client Support

  • Outside General Counsel

  • Funding & Securities

  • Corporate Governance

  • Intellectual Property

  • Litigation & Outside Counsel Management

  • Financial Matters

  • Labor & Employment

  • Compliance & Regulatory

  • Chief Compliance Officer

  • Risk Assessments & Gap Anaylses

  • Sunshine Laws & External Reporting

  • Regulatory Approvals

  • Succession Planning, Wills, & Trusts

  • Non-Profit Entities & Governance

  • Dispute Resolution & Litigation

  • Real Estate Transactions